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Mineet Jaywant Singh
Have worked with Ankush over the last three years. The experience can easily be described in one word, "Perfection". Ankush's skills and technical know how make it easy to put your trust in him and know that the images delivered will b unparalleled perfection! A charm to work with and his easy demeanour add to the whole experience without compromising on the professionalism. He is now my Go To photographer for all my products!
Nick Welles
Ankush is a reliable and talented photographer who I have worked with for almost four years now. What makes my working relationship with Ankush so impressive is that I have never met Ankush! I am located in Boston, USA and Ankush in New Delhi, India. Through time differences and distance Ankush has always made it incredibly easy to work together. His attention to detail, skill as a photographer, and ability to work with my corporate colleagues to create great images is unrivaled. Ankush is not only a fantastic photographer, but also steadfastly reliable, and when working from a distance this is the single most important trait I look for in a photographer. Ankush, thank you so much for all of your work and commitment!
Kirin Vas
As a Photographer, Ankush Maria is a dream to work with. His technical know how makes his work stand out from the other photographers in the field and his attitude towards work and the professionalism with which he approaches each subject/ client / project is something that you WISH everyone in the industry had.
Manuu Mansheet
Where do i start? What do i say? I teach hundreds and i look for that spark/talent all the time. I sincerely believe 'one' amongst millions are chosen and embedded with real talent or creativity,and those rare ones are the luckiest; especially the ones who find their calling-their pathways- their passion. Im very happy & proud to know that: Ankush,you fit that definition. Its been an absolute pleasure working with you and creating the body of work that you and I have achieved.I wish there were more resource/talent like you out there.I love the way you approach the subject/project and have carved a niche for yourself. Believe in yourself, trust your craft and your instinct; but dont change! Heres wishing you all the success and may you scale the heights you desire. Though Im very proud of you, but look forward to more accolades and good work.